DR PATRICK CALDWELL – Clinical Factors Contributing to Success in the Practice of Conservative Endodontics.

SMC Conference & Function Centre

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23 November, 2022 - 6:00 pm

This meeting will be livestreamed.

The cost for non-members to attend the online component is $30. NSW ASE members can attend online for free.

The zoom meeting will begin at 6:30 pm – we will play a portion of our recent keynote speaker from the day course, Dr Marga Ree on Traumatic Dental Injuries. The live stream lecture by Dr Patrick Caldwell will start at 7:00 pm.

Zoom link will be emailed separately before the event.

Pat Caldwell Bio

Patrick Caldwell is a registered specialist in Endodontics. He graduated in Dentistry from the University of Queensland in 1998 and went on to work for the Royal Australian Navy, both ashore and at sea. During this time, he undertook advanced training in restorative dentistry and in 2002 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

In 2005 Patrick graduated with a Masters of Dental Science in Endodontics. Following this, he returned to work with the Royal Australian Navy and was also engaged as a Visiting Specialist at the Sydney Dental Hospital. In 2009 Patrick moved to Shanghai, China where he was the only Endodontist in a city of 21 million people.

Patrick has since gone on to complete additional training in implant dentistry, graduating with a Masters of Clinical Dentistry in Implant Dentistry. Patrick currently practices at the Sunshine Coast, focussing on endodontics and implant dentistry.




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