Dental implant injuries to adjacent teeth: Beware – Be warned – Be prepared!

SMC Conference & Function Centre

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2 February, 2022 - 6:00 pm

It is generally accepted that dental implants is a well-documented and predictable treatment
modality for the replacement of missing teeth. However, despite the best care and management, a
certain percentage of patients will experience complications. A great deal of attention has been paid to serious complications such as life-threatening haemorrhage, nerve injuries and peri-implantitis. This presentation will focus on one of the most often overlooked, under-reported and ‘swept under the carpet” complications …. injury to adjacent teeth.
Lecture objectives:
  1. Neurosensory and blood supply disturbance to teeth adjacent to dental implants
  2. Clinical scenarios where this ‘complication” is more likely to happen
  3. How to manage injury to an adjacent tooth……when (not ‘if’) it happens
  4. Who is best to fix the problem…… an endodontist, oral surgeon or prosthodontist?
  5. Prevention of potentially serious consequences of injuring an adjacent tooth… for both the patient and the clinician! ☹

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